Empowering People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to Lead Fuller Lives

Support Services

Services Coordination                                                                                                 

Service Coordination assists individuals and families to identify needs, obtain services and coordinate benefits. Using a person-centered approach, Service Coordination helps individuals and their families get services and supports they need. A Service Coordinator promotes choice, individual satisfaction and advocacy teaching families and individuals the "ins and outs" of Medicaid, Social Security benefits, day or residential alternatives, and any other service system. Individual choice is promoted and individuals satisfaction is monitored by qualified Service Coordinators.

Family Reimbursement

Although not a continuous funding resource, Family Reimbursement can assist a family every 18 months. This service provides primary care givers of an individual with an intellectual and developmental disability the opportunity to be reimbursed for the services and/or goods to continue to care for their relative at home. Through an application process eligible services/goods that are not funded through any other sources, such as Medicaid or private insurance can be reimbursed. Clothing, educational toys, camp fees, and non-covered therapies are just a few examples of eligible reimbursement services.


Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation services offer in-home assistance and care to individuals of all ages who need to improve their daily living skills, maintain abilities and carry over skills learned in school or other day programs. Community Habilitation provides much-needed support to families whose members benefit from additional training. 



Family Education and Training

By completing a special application to Medicaid, a family can enroll a child, under the age of 18, into the Home Community Services Wavier, regardless of income. To maintain Medicaid and Waiver status, the family participates in agency trainings twice a year, to increase knowledge of the child's disability and those resources available to address the child's needs


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