Empowering People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to Lead Fuller Lives

Recreational & Respite

Recreational Services assist people to enhance their leisure and social skills outside the home, as well as in the community at large. Peer interaction is encouraged, as are personal growth and self-improvement through course modules offered on a trimester basis that are personally selected by participants. Recreational Programs give family members needed respite and provide participants with an opportunity to interact with other people while improving their leisure and social skills outside the family setting.

Community Center

The Community Center offers evening and Saturday morning recreation programs with courses such as fine arts, athletics, cooking & baking, crafts, music and excercise. Program participants help to plan community outings of interest.


After School Program

The After School Program is a center-based program that offers recreational activities including fitness activities, crafts, games, and assistance with homework. After School is open two after-noons each week and follows the school calender. The children arrive directly from school and transportation home is provided.



Weekend Respite

The Weekend Respite for Teens assists teens and young adults plan weekly outings or activities based on their preferences. The program focuses on independence, building on current competencies, enhancing self-esteem, and becoming more familar with recreational resources. The Teen Weekend Respite program offers site and community-based recreation activities as a respite to familes on Saturdays. 


Creative Arts Network

The Creative Arts Network is an agency-wide gathering of established & emerging artists of all ages, who have a desire to express and develop their artistic abilities. With the assistance of qualified AVSP staff and consulting art instructors, the artists participate in ongoing art instruction, exploration, and display artwork in the community.


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