Empowering People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to Lead Fuller Lives

Day Services

Adult Day Services   


A full array of services are available at the New Dorp Center to individuals aged eighteen and over depending upon their needs and future goals. Active community involvement and independence are promoted within the context of the varied activities offered in these programs.


Two day programs are available, which offer life-skill training both on-and-off-site to meet daily challenges. Resources within the community are used to provide hands-on experiences to achieve individually selected valued outcomes.

Senior Services

Programs for seniors provide enrichment opportunities and activities for those who wish to pursue the increasingly diverse interests reflected among today's active seniors. Seniors enjoy opportunities to make new friends, learn more about their community, and choose activities that support independence and help them spend their retirement in a productive manner.


The Senior Network is a retirement program that promotes the development of leisure skills through a variety of classes including excercise, tile crafts, dance and cooking while assisting them to maintain their present daily living skills. The Senior Network supports community intergration of seniors through participation in activities that are offered at local senior centers.

Employment Training Alternatives

Employment Training Alternatives consists of two separate programs offering services to individuals, including assessment and skill development in order to promote independence in various community settings. For some individuals, training will incorporate preparation for possible employment.

The Day Habilitation program is a waiver day service that provides site and community-based training opportunities that assist participants to develop social, vocational, travel and other skills based on their interests. Hands-on experience is provided at various locations on Staten Island.

The Supported Employment program provides training and job placement to individuals who demonstrate skills needed for employment in the community. While on the job, coaches provide support needed for success.



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