Empowering People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to Lead Fuller Lives




Below is a listing of program, residential events and outings of interest to individuals, their families and friends



Hylan Residence

07/04: Trip to see the Fourth of July Fire Works 

07/14: Trip to the Staten Island Zoo and Lunch

07/21: Trip to Fun Station USA

07/28: Going on a Picnic at Silver Lakes Park  

Benton Residence

07/08: Birthday Dinner Celebration at Burger King

07/13: Going on a Marine and Aviation Boat Ride

07/27: Morning Walk at South Beach

07/31: After Dinner Dessert at Uncle Louie G’s

Glenwood Residence

07/07: UA Movie Theater Trip to see Toy Story 4

07/13: Work Party at SI Moravian Church Community Garden

07/14: Back to the Beach Celebration at Midland Beach

07/17: Trip to Carvel Ice Cream

07/18: Summer Sunset Concert Series at Snug Harbor

07/25: Summer Sunset Concert Series at Conference House Park

Amboy Residence

07/07: Trip to go Bowling and Crossroads Church

07/13: Trip to Marine and Aviation Anchor Club

07/14: Trip to go Bowling and Crossroads Church

07/21: Trip to go Bowling and Crossroads Church

07/28: Trip to go Bowling and Crossroads Church

Jefferson Residence

07/06: Morning Walk or Memoir Writing Works

07/07: Trip to the Art Studio

07/13: Taking a Meditation Class

07/14: Go to a Steak House for Lunch

07/20: Trip to the Houseboat Studio

07/21: Going to a Summer Concert

07/27: Art in the Park 

07/28: Storytime in the Secret Garden



ETA Day Habilitation

07/02: Power of Plants at the Staten Island Museum

07/04: BBQ at the Program

07/09: Trip to the St. George Library

07/12: Trip to Empire Outlets

07/19: Sprinkler Fest at Snug Harbor

07/26: Trip to Coney Island

The Network

07/03: Having a 4th of July Party

07/11: New Lane Senior Center Sewing Class and Lunch

07/18: New Lane Senior Center Sewing Class and Lunch

07/25: New Lane Senior Center Sewing Class and Lunch

07/16: New Jersey trip: shopping at Walmart's. Michael's, lunch at 5 Guys

07/31: the Network monthly birthday party

New Dorp Lane Day Habilitation

Monday: Meals on Wheels, Five Below,Target. 

Tuesday: Picnic at Clove Lakes, Staten Island Mall, Christmas Tree Shop, Birthday Club Shopping

Wednesday: South Beach Boardwalk, Art Studio, Conference House, Carvel

Thursday: 7/11 Day for Free Slurpees, Gateway Park, Drunkin Donuts.

Friday: Dollar Tree, New Dorp Library, Wendy’s, Rab’s Bowling Alley

Milton Avenue Day Habilitation

Monday: Bowling, Recycling, Train Ride, and Library.

Tuesday: Grocery Shopping, Basketball in the Park, Ferry Ride to Battery Park, Nail Salon, and Botanical Gardens.

Wednesday: Art Studio, Dollar Tree, and 7/11.

Thursday: Meals on Wheels, New Dorp Deli, and 7/11.

Friday:  Coney Island, Train Ride, Fun Station, and KFC.