Empowering People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to Lead Fuller Lives

Activity of the Month

The individuals at MADH have been benefiting from the Smart Board since it was installed! The individuals have been playing games such as Candy Crush, Puzzle Games, Mahjong, and Solitaire. The staff has been using teaching websites, that link with the Smart Board, to teach various academics. We have found a game that speaks when the individuals press the word; we have been encouraging them to put these words together to make sentences. There is also an interactive painting game that the individuals tap the color they would like to use and tap again to place it where they would want the color to go. Staff have been using the writing app to teach letters and penmanship to them. Staff is also using it to play Pictionary. If the individual can guess the picture we will than have them guess a letter or have them write the letter and repeat after staff. The Smart Board is also helping the individuals learn skills like cooking and gardening. There are apps that simulate a kitchen and teach them how to cook a recipe; it will even burn the food if you leave it for too long. There is an app that teaches them how to garden by teaching them that plants need a certain amount of water and sunlight to grow. The Smart Board has become a daily used piece of our program and the individuals are now asking to use it. Thank you to the Northfield Bank Foundation for providing the grant that made it possible to purchase this important piece of equipment.